“…I hear your voice in my head every time I am analyzing a flop or figuring the odds on a draw.  The information and practical training that you provide is invaluable to anyone who is serious about improving their game.  I highly recommend your training to
everyone I meet…”  John D.  California

"…Training with Tom has brought my poker game to a whole new level, and he taught me perfect strategy black jack in just a matter of hours. He is a great instructor and I highly recommend him..."   Oliver F.  California

“..Gallagher is a GREAT poker coach. He's really distilled his lessons into easy-to-understand components and my game improved immediately. His methods were easy to remember (and he has special tricks to make them that way) and his tips were great…” Diana M. California

“…Tom, I just wanted to let you know i won a small tourney this weekend, I credit most of it to our two training sessions…will be taking more, thanks…“   Stan B.  California

“…Tom teaches on such an understanding level for a novice, at the same time, experienced players can certainly improve their game. His “pot odds” training was the best, I can now compute pot odds in seconds and the training was less than one hour…the amount of information he covers is incredible, but not overwhelming…”
Shannon F.  California